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To the man that I love…

September 25, 2012

To the man that I’ve loved for the past 8 years of my life,

My how time has passed, and my oh my how much we’ve grown. Today, our relationship turns another year older. Looking back, I know the road wasn’t easy and despite the distance you continue to stay by my side. As a kid surrounded by the idea of fairy tales and happy endings, I had always dreamt of having my own happily ever after, picturing the “one” as if I knew him inside out from all the romance novels that I had read. Little did I know that experiencing true love would be nothing like what they said. I push my way further back into my memories, back to that faithful day when I first met you. It was in a high school classroom, junior year, the seat plan got shuffled and out of all the people I could end up sitting next to, it just had to be you. There was no “love at first sight” in fact I didn’t even feel a spark, there was only the casual exchange of hellos and you asking me for an extra pad paper. But God must have had plans of his own, ‘cause when I prayed to find that one person whom I can love and will love me in return, he must’ve seen you. In time those daily hellos turned into lots of smiles and inexplicable moments of bliss. Oh the thought of puppy love and how happy it made me feel to know that I’d be seeing you almost everyday ‘til we graduated.

From the very beginning I had told you how complicated my life can get, but the courtship lasted for almost a year and then that faithful day came, at 12:21 pm of September 25, you asked me to be girlfriend and I said yes. The first few months were difficult, and soon we saw the reality of being in a commitment. With school and all my extra-curricular activities, time was something I could rarely give. There would be arguments, dropped phone calls, and mixed feelings of frustration and sadness. Things weren’t going as planned; there were expectations not met and misunderstandings brought about by miscommunication. But we got through the first hurdle and promised to change for the best of both individuals and commit ourselves to a work in progress.

At 8 years (and counting =p), I believe that much has changed, don’t get me wrong… there’s still that dose of lows mixed in with all the highs and its pretty much a rollercoaster ride, but we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all those crazy and painful things. I’m really glad we somehow made it through, and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for being there for me all these years, for supporting me with my endeavours even if it means getting hurt in the process. Thank you for helping me find myself and accepting both the good and bad side of me, for making me feel pretty even in my utmost state of ugliness, for never giving up even during our lowest times, for being my most trusted confidant and friend, and of course for loving me through and through. Though we celebrate this day apart, I want you to know that I love you. You are God’s greatest gift to me, and I look forward to the day when we will finally be able spend our lives together. Happy 8th Anniversary my one and only!

Loving you always,

Your Honey


Out and About

August 5, 2012

Yes I have to admit, I am guilty as charged.  Sadly, I have stayed away from blogging for months.  It felt bad… real bad, but somehow I got lost in all the uncertainty. Don’t get me wrong, my current state isn’t bad at all, in fact it might just be a treasure trove of various thrills and adventures. At first it wasn’t enough to get my fingers typing or even fill my now tattered notebook with thoughts. But somehow, I find myself gravitating towards this once abandoned page.  And in an attempt to revive my blog, I’d like to share what I’ve been up to… well at least from July to early August. 🙂

July was filled with lots of fun, food, music, & booze

(and yes, the guy with the cap is my dear dad. We love partying with him just because he’s cool like that! 🙂 )

We also watched him and other bands perform at the HKMU’s Rockin’ for Change event.

Then, there were the art adventures.

Here’s my sister at K-11 with one artwork made completely with pieces of toast.

If you guys happen to be in HK you gotta go check out this mall.

Then there’s shopping/gift hunting for beshie’s birthday!

Bes, if you’re reading this now, you’ll be getting this soon. 🙂

Now more art!

This one’s an AMAZING exhibit at Times Square by Mike Stilkey.

It’s a different way of bringing books to life.

Check out his works here.

Of course, let’s not forget having some fun-time with workmates:

Team activity/Reunion/Green’s birthday celebration/Pigging out at Gyu Kaku.

P.S. The Wagyu beef at Gyu Kaku is a winner! 🙂

And to cap off, more music appreciation pinoy-style!

Food trip Fridays Kuya Pogi’s…

 and karaoke ’til the break of dawn with Yam’s workmates & their families. 🙂

That’s it for now.  ’til my next post! 🙂

Polka Dottin’ Fun

February 5, 2012

It’s so “spotty” I’m gonna die!!! =p

I originally wanted to do a post on Chocolates but I wasn’t able to get my hands on a few lush goodies.  Instead, I decided to get my hands messy and do something a little DIY.  I got myself a few colour pads and ended up with these pretty dots on blank sheets.  I really liked how the green and purple one turned out, they super remind of Dippin’ Dots! 🙂  These aren’t done yet but I’m really determined to finish them within the week, ’cause they’re going out to a few special peeps. Just a quick entry this week.

’til my next post! 🙂

Thank you 2011… I had a blast! :)

December 31, 2011

Even if this year was one hell of a roller coaster ride filled with both ups and downs, it’s definitely my most awesome year to date.  So rather than listing my resolutions for 2012, I decided to write 12 things that made this year a memorable one.  Here’s a recap of my 2011 complete with links… 🙂

1) I resigned from my first job after over 2 and 1/2 years of happiness and heartaches… =p (More here)

Missing my messy desk

and the happy and talented bunch of HIP-pies

2) I had my first out of town trip with Nico… Ilocos was amazing. =) Scenery shots here

3) I went on a great summer escapade with family and friends (Photos here & here, Blog post here)

4) I finally decided to move to Hong Kong.  Here’s a shot of my new room… It’s not as big as my old one but it’s still cozy

5) I got a new Job! 🙂 Know more about it here

6) I got in touch with old friends…

A snapshot with Steph and Ben after the Phil Education Fair

With Rob, Kate & Jan at the Annual Concert in the Park

7) I also gained new friends…

The Marketing Jungle 🙂

8) I got the opportunity to contribute to the First Philippine Education Fair in Hong Kong… My friend Jan wrote about it here

9) Nico & I celebrated our 7th Anniversary… Nic, my love for you grows with each day that passes by. Thank you for being the greatest best friend/ boy friend ever. I love you. 🙂

Our Bailey’s cake from Blissful Temptations

10) Turned 24 this year… Read about it here

11) Went home for the holidays and had a few December dates

With Chajantz at Jam’s sweet 16

My HIP visit

Pepper Lunch date with Ness

John & Yoko + Mr. Jones date with Therie

12) Spent Christmas in Baguio with my family and Chai’s family

Family Photo Op with the family

Snapshot with Chai

Triple Treat concert featuring Freestyle, South Boarder, & Side A

at the Baguio Country Club

It was an amazing 2011… and I thank God for the all the blessings, the opportunity to meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, and the time he has given me to spend with those that I love. I say goodbye to this year without regrets and look forward to the new adventure that 2012 will bring.

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

Bittersweet November

December 6, 2011

Hello everyone!!! It’s been sooooo loooong since my last post. It must’ve been over a month, but I’m finally back! Work is as crazy as it can get, but as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, it’s not enough reason to skip blogging.  So here I am trying to pick up where I left off…

November went by pretty fast, but I can’t end the year without telling you how much of an emotional roller coaster ride that month had been.   For starters, it was my birthday month… and even if Nic reminded me daily how special that day was going to be, I knew it would be totally different this year.  In all honesty, I didn’t expect it to be bad at all… in fact, like always, I waited till midnight.  But when my birthday finally arrived, I felt awfully sad… sad enough to even cry a little.  I guess I really missed a lot of things… like waiting with Nic, my Mommy’s birthday spaghetti, celebrating with my girlfriends, and even having Mango Bravo with my old colleagues.  I couldn’t believe that even after 6 months I was still feeling a little homesick.  But of course God always has a way of making it all better… through the lot of you who took a few minutes of your precious time to send me birthday greetings, sing me songs, send me gifts, and extend my birthday celebration into almost a week. 🙂  So here’s a little post on just a few things that’ll forever remind me of people who made this birthday year one that I’ll never forget.

1) Owl Necklace from my dear sister Yam

2) Kinder Surprise from my dear seat mate Louis

3) Coin purse turned card holder from Joanne

3) Dinner and Dessert at Small|Medium|Large

with Daddy, Tita Lorie, Tito Ranny & Uncle Neil

4) Special Delivery via FedEx from my one and only love Nic. 🙂

5) Lunch treat from Jessica

6) Cute Giraffe card + Cake + Water for Elephants

+ No Sweat Cantonese book from my teammates

7) Urban Decay Naked Palette from Tita Maggie

I also received an H&M office blazer from Mama Angie, Pull & Bear purse from Mama Naning, red Scribble notebook from Che, blue checkered top from Jam, L’Occitane Hand Creams from Tita Lorie, and a Talking Tom birthday song from Mirelle.  I just realized I didn’t have a photo of these while typing this post, but your gifts were all AWESOME!!! Thank you Thank you! 🙂 Of course, we couldn’t end the birthday week without celebrating over a few drinks.  So along with Joanne, who also celebrated her birthday that week, we partied that Friday night away. 🙂

Twelve years

October 21, 2011

Twelve years ago my parents told me that I was moving to the Philippines to attend Secondary School.  I was in Primary 6 that time and at twelve years old I though my Dad was only joking and didn’t take the news seriously until my flight to Manila was arranged.  To tell you frankly, I hated the idea.  It’s not because I don’t like the Philippines, in fact, I usually go back to visit my relatives during summer vacation.  But the thought of living there was a completely different story.   I could speak tagalog because it was the language used at home, but I couldn’t read nor spell properly. I remember crying myself to sleep during the first few months.  I missed the bright city lights outside our apartment window.  How I could simply go down to buy a snack anytime of the day because 7-11 was just around the corner.  Things were simple, fast, and easy.

Twelve years since that turning point, I am now in my twenties and back in Hong Kong.  Looking back, I have no regrets.  I actually have my parents to thank for sending me home to our beautiful country.  It’s not perfect, but I can’t think of any other place in this world that can better educate me about being Pinoy.  I have to admit that I did experience some level of culture-shock, but nature had to take its course.

I’ll never forget my first day in school.  I came in the middle of the school year and there was a flag ceremony.  We were suppose to sing the National Anthem… and not knowing a single line, it struck a chord in my heart.  Somehow that made me determined… and with the help of my understanding teachers and great friends, things slowly fell into place.  I graduated from high school and was fortunate enough to study in a university that I had never in my dreams thought of going to.  My experience in the Philippines helped me reconnect with my roots and form my own dreams and aspirations. I had a lot of memorable experiences but if I were to list them all down, I’d probably end up with a pretty long post.

To make this simple, I wanted to write this entry because of a cause that I, along with a few childhood friends here in Hong Kong, have committed to uphold.  We are a group of Filipinos who grew up in Hong Kong but went back to the Philippines to finish our education.  At one point in our lives we have questioned our identity as Filipinos, and as my good friend Jan shared, it is sad to hear that today, the Filipino youth in Hong Kong continue to ask themselves the same question.  I believe that through education we will be able to gain the knowledge and experience needed to reach our full potential.  And in return, use what we have learned to help others reach theirs.  With the UPAA-HK and the support of the Philippine Consulate in HK, representatives from 9 schools in the Philippines will be joining us this weekend, giving our Filipino youth here the opportunity to finish their studies and a chance at experiencing our heritage firsthand.   Join us this Saturday and get to know more about what it’s like to study in the Philippines.  Yes, this as an official invite and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday. ‘Til my next post! 🙂

But the drumbeats fade… Backtrack (Part 3)

October 16, 2011

Finally, the last installment to my short story Backtrack. Enjoy! 🙂


“Sana nagtanong ka lang kung ‘di mo lang alam.  Sana’y nagtanong ka lang kung ‘di mo lang alam… ako’y iyong nasaktan.”

“Pull yourself together Vee! You’ll be late for class!” Trix yelled yanking me out of bed.

“It’s over Trix.  They’re together now.” I mumbled into my pillow.

“So what if they’re together.  I thought you were over Anton! It’s been a term already.”

“I lied Trix…” I said breaking into tears.

Trix stopped tugging on my pajamas and sat right next to me.

With a shakey and croaky voice I admitted to my faults. “I lied Trix… I can’t get over knowing he’s happy without me. I thought that when I called it quits it wouldn’t be so difficult to deal with it.  But now I’m the one who’s unhappy… When I said I didn’t feel that he really loved me, I only wanted us to be like how we were back in high school… I never meant for him to go away… But he’s gone Trix.  It’s really over.”

It was too late when I realized that I was the one who couldn’t move on.  To think I was the one who ended it.  It was pathetic.

“Hindi mo lang alam na kay tagal na panahon, ako’y nandirito pa rin hanggang ngayon para sayo. Lumipas mga araw na ubod ng saya.  ‘Di pa rin nagbabago ang aking pagsinta. Kung ako’y nagkasala patawad na sana… Ang puso kong pagal ngayon lang nagmahal.”

I wanted him back.  I wanted to take back the foolish things I had said.  I kept playing it in my head.  The night I decided to let go of what we shared… Couldn’t really say we were a couple because we weren’t officially together… but we were suppose to be getting there.  We were just waiting for the right time… Guess time wasn’t really on our side.  I wish I had let go of my pride earlier.  Maybe a few days … weeks… or months earlier would’ve made much difference… Who knows, we might be together still.

I dunked my head into my books and decided to focus on more important things other than my wretched love life.

Days went by… I found new friends, met new guys, but the happiness I felt just couldn’t compare to how I felt when I was still with that goody-two-shoes son-of-a-gun.  My friends said that what I felt was normal; that I’m just going through the stages of grief and denial.  That soon I’ll be able to accept what had happened and eventually forgive myself.

“Bumabalik lahat sa tuwing nagkukulitan.  Baka sakali lang naman maisip mo naman.  Ako’y nandito lang hindi mo lang alam.  Matalino ka naman.”

It was during Calculus class, senior year in high school. I had almost flunked another quiz but was luckily saved by a +2 that I had earned from an activity prior.  I noticed Anton was not his usual happy self and thought that he was mad at me.  So I sent a note his way… and it comes back to me.  Written on a folded piece of ¼ pad paper, black ink, in two types of penmanship…

It was the only thing I still held on to. But I know that I will eventually have to say goodbye… soon enough…

“Kung ikaw at ako ay tunay na bigo. Sa laro na ito ay dapat bang sumuko? Sana hindi ka na lang pala aking nakilala.  Kung alam ko lang ako’y iyong masaktan ng ganito.”

Anton never missed my gigs… He was my #1 fan.  I’d search for his face amongst the crowd and he’d smile his dorky smile to make sure I’d find him.  But now, I sing with my eyes closed, unable to look at him while doing a rendition of one of my best songs… his favorite song…

“Sana’y iyong mamalayang hindi mo lang pala alam.”

I told myself I’d be ok.  After two terms I said I’d be ready, but tonight I realize that my heart had never stopped singing this song… and as I continue to sing these lyrics, I pray that he hears me through it…

“’Di mo lang alam ako’y iyong nasaktan.”

But the drumbeats fade and the song ends. And the applause drowns out the whispers of my heart.


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