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Something different

October 19, 2009

It was a Monday morning. Funny how it was pouring heavily when I left for work only to discover that it was bright and sunny in Makati.

I was trying to prep myself for the ton of work we’d be doing for the week when Bevs asked me to join her get a drink from Starbucks.  She got the same drink at Starbucks Rockwell yesterday after a friend of hers got it for them. =p

She was telling me about this Starbucks drink that you can get for 20 bucks!

Yes, you read it right, a Starbucks drink for Php 20 only… and I’m telling you this isn’t a promo and it can’t be found on the menu.

You simply go to the counter and order one of their flavored syrups. Have that diluted in water and ice, get it Venti and voila – an instant refreshment! =)

Raspberry drink

NOTE: if you’re doing this for the first time at one of their branches then be prepared for the weird looks you’ll be getting from the baristas… But as they say Starbucks can’t say no to what you want to order!=p

The baristas asked us how we discovered the drink. So we told them and encouraged them to try it as well! =)

Anyway, Bevs wanted me to try Strawberry but it wasn’t available today so we settled for Raspberry. It still tasted good… but Bevs swears by strawberry (saying that it tastes like Pink Lemonade).

It was a fun experience. Thanks for making my Monday morning different and for sharing this discovery with me Bevs. =p

We should get to try all the different flavors… lol =)

Btw, for the health-conscious, just try not to think about calories in the pumps of syrup. =p

’til my next entry

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