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Hello Stranger

October 29, 2009

Hello Stranger.

It’s been so long since our last conversation.

How are you?

Has the path you’ve chosen been kind?

Hello Stranger.

Do you still remember me?

This girl whom you once professed undying love t0.

Or has time finally helped you forget?

Leaving behind broken promises.

Hello Stranger.

Are we finally through?

Let go of the friendship destroyed by lies.

Did I not give you a chance?

The freedom you asked from me. 

Hello Stranger.

Did you think I’d forget?

The things you did and the pain you’ve caused.

Have you finally told them?

The secrets that protected you from scrutiny.

Hello Stranger.

Did I not tell you?

Tell me not sweet verses of lies.

Tell me not how much you loved.

Tell me not how much you’d give up.

Hello Stranger.

How I long to talk to you.

How I long to hear you speak the truth.

How I long to find the heart to forgive.

Hello Stranger.

Did you know how much I cared?

For a friend who stabbed my back and betrayed me.

Did you remember what he said?

That no one could replace me.

Hello Stranger.

Would you stand up for me one day?

For the friendship we use to share.

Would you finally be satisfied?

If I tell you my heart I still cannot give.

Hello Stranger.

I await the return of my long lost friend.

Do you think that day will still come?

Hello Stranger.  Is it you?

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