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Another Year

November 17, 2009
Nov 15. Sunday. I turned a year older… and realized that age was really just a number.  I didn’t feel bad about turning 22. (Thank God!)  We no longer went for the grand celebrations I used to have since I was 1 and opted for a day with my family.

Some of my friends greeted me earlier and Nic and I went out for some White Hat Saturday night.  (It was his first time. =p)  Took a nap while Nic waited for the clock to strike twelve to greet me Happy Birthday.=)

My whole family was out to pick up my dad from the airport but they all texted and called to greet me on their way home.

Here are a few shots of our White Hat night.


Me and Nic before getting White Hat


His choice of KitKat and Sprinkles

My blueberry cheesecake... =)

As for my birthday, it was simple.  With the exceptions of an extraordinary Pacquio winning his 7th title and the greetings from family and friends – even long lost ones. I went to mass to say my piece of thank yous… as I ended another chapter of my life and begin anew.  I felt content and happy. 

We had dinner at Friday’s at MOA and I’d like to commend the staff for the great service and their birthday greetings.  (My sisters set me up!)

Now for more photos!!! =)

Popsi, Mommy, my crazy 'lil bro, Che-che

Yam and Jam

The Birthday girl with Friday's songbirds

Mi Familia

Time to make a wish.... =p

My birthday celebration was simple but great… a million thanks to everyone who greeted… and endless thanks to bro up there for the year that has been and another opportunity to make the most out of the year ahead. =)

Much love to all…

– Honey

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