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On the thought of you leaving

November 18, 2009

We can’t keep people. No matter how much we love them, we just can’t own them.  They come and go like the seasons that change.  They join us in laughter and even in tears.

To this friend of mine, I hope this thought finds its way to you to somehow.  For I’d like you to know how great a friend you’ve been… that I admire your courage… I respect your opinion…. I love how you make others feel special… how you’ve made me feel that I can be great too… and how you express your take on this damn demented world.  I shall miss your hugs in the morning and your fun stories over the weekends. 

I shall miss you love if it’s true that you will go.  I knew one day we shall part ways.  It’s always an undeniable fact.  People come and go and the only way to cope, I guess for me if not for most, is to simply think that one day we’d meet again. There is no point in holding on to you or asking you to stay if moving on will make you truly happy. 

To my japanese doll, I shall miss you.

All the best to the future love!

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