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500 days

December 30, 2009

Five hundred days are over,

never thought it would pass by so quickly.

You’re finally all sober,

no longer drunk in a spell they said I cast.

I never meant to hurt you.

Never wanted you to love me.

But fate had its way of bringing us to that point of no return;

tempting you to make that bold step forward.

I never asked you to jump,

and yet you decided to fall.

Was never the right one for you,

and yet to you I was perfect.

You sold your soul to me,

took a shot at the thought of us and eternity.

But then one day you realized that we could never be,

and your heart broke into a million pieces of stone.

Chaos, confusion, and lies

all stirred and swam in our minds.

Then the sign of surrender appeared.

You raised your white flag and left.

And after five hundred days,

you finally had the strength to turn your back on me.

Now after five hundred days,

you can finally say that you’re free.

Free from this abyss of insanity you once called love,

free from the promises you made to me.

After five hundred days,

again we live our separate lives…

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