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New Year! New Me? :P

December 31, 2009

Just a couple of things I’m hoping for this coming year. πŸ™‚

1) Good health for my family and friends

2) Dance classes –> been wanting to try a new genre… πŸ˜›

3) A toned body and flat tummy!!! –> time to go healthy. πŸ˜›

4) Read more

5) Watch movies, concerts, and/or plays (CATS!!!)

6) Write more

7) Practice drawing and painting –> at least once a month

8 ) Learn how to do my own makeup… using Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual (thanks for this Hun!) πŸ˜›

9) Bond with my girlfriends (Zarski you have to join us soon!)

10) Work Hard –> It’s time to face my fears and take on the challenge. Fight! Fight! Fight!

11) Take more photos with my G10

12) Not to be afraid of mistakes that I might make (I just have to make sure that I learn from them.)

13) Learn to keep my cool… especially when people deliberately get on my nerves

14) Try new restos and food shops… πŸ™‚

15) Spend time with Nic… promise I’ll let you take more pictures… πŸ™‚

16) Smile! πŸ™‚

17) To say sorry, accept, forgive, move on, and start a new.

18) Feel good about myself… because insecurity is the start of self destruction

19) Be happy… πŸ™‚

20) Be thankful for all the blessings that will come my way. πŸ™‚

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