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Meeting the Rock Star

April 5, 2010

Here’s another first for the month of March.

My siblings and I loved Stardust and Coraline on the screen… they have always been family favorites.

Many have said that Neil Gaiman is a genius… and it was his version of an Oriental folk tale that caught my heart… The Dream Hunters… It reminded me of my Chinese books back in elementary days. 🙂

Neil has been working closely with Fully Booked in the Philippines.  He enjoyed his last visits to the country and this year came back for a Graphic Fiction Awards night (March 17) and book signing (March 18) exclusively hosted by Fully Booked.  I took an afternoon off from work, waited in line to register, met fellow Ateneans from various batches (this is what Neil can do!) and together waited for the arrival of the Rock Star at Seattle’s Best.

L-R: Samantha, Nicole, Hub, Me, and Sir Rick

We knew Neil had finally arrived when the crowd went wild screaming. 🙂

And this was what happened during the book signing… photos and captions courtesy of Hub Pacheco’s Facebook.  Thank you Hub for taking my photos. 🙂

Honey is giving Neil something.

"What is it?" asks Neil

Honey:"It's a pen with different colors!" Neil: *Naaliw*

For that...


Parang walang nangyari, Honey! Haha!

 and now I’ll always have…

Thanks to Fully Booked for giving me a chance to have my Dream Hunters and Mika’s Stardust signed.

Kudos to Rhea Llamas of Fully Booked!

And to the Rock Star…

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  1. April 5, 2010 5:08 pm

    But nothing beats the pain and pleasure when Neil first visited Manila back in 2005. I was a Fully Booked volunteer then – shettt. And I was assigned on the last day. HAHAHAHA. Everyone was saying “I’m your number one fan!!!” How many number ones can there be? LOL.


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