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Guru Eds

April 20, 2010

Last night Ness said she wanted to buy eye liner.  She said she wanted to brighten her eyes a bit so that they’re more defined when she wears glasses.  So we headed to SM Makati in search for a good buy… it’s so much fun to check out the different make up brands there. 

After a few minutes of going around… we haven’t decided on what eye liner to buy (since Ness and I are both neophytes).  We both agreed that it was time to phone a friend… Eds Amba. =)

She told us to get an Ever Bilena Dip Eye Liner.

Eds said it had a good applicator and that it was best for newbies like us.  In fairness, smudge-proof liquid eye liner for only 150 pesos.  Definitely a good buy! =)

The following day… we put it to the test. Eds refused to have her tutorial recorded so we just took a photo of Ness’ eyes after applying eye liner. =)

Here’s a photo of our make up Guru and Ness…

Eds and Ness

Now Ness and I have something to do over the weekend. 

As they say practice makes perfect. =)

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