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October 16, 2010

I know I said I’d blog during Fridays… but right now it’s 1:56 am Saturday morning.  My excuse? It was the 1st ever 3-day sale of Forever 21 here in the Philippines.

We initially planned to have dinner at Amici after pay day… until the news of the sale came our way.  And so, girls as we are, dinner got canceled for a night out of shopping fun with Vanessa, Jona, and Cheskers! 🙂

We left the office at exactly 7pm and took the MRT to get to Mega Mall.  We heard that the line was super duper long during the day.  We got to Forever 21 at around 830 and saw the line plus the guards and get this… the bouncers… yes, Forever 21 actually had to hire bouncers!!! as if some cat fight was about to engage any moment. 🙂 We actually came at the right time. The line continued to move and in less than a minute we were in.  Now it was time to split up and shop.

I think after about 15 minutes, I still hadn’t picked up anything… so I checked the whole store out before looking through the racks.  Seriously, it was chaos! You really have to be careful in picking up stuff from the sale racks since some regular items got mixed in already.  Exag talaga mag-shop ang mga ladies! Kaya once you see something you like grab it and just decide later what items you’ll really purchase.

I went through the racks one by one and grabbed every item I liked in size “S”.  It was easier for me because I didn’t need to line up for the dressing room to fit.  And after around an hour and a half of looking, sorting, and checking items for damage.  I ended up getting the following items. 🙂

First, I went through the accessories section.

I really wanted to get a new ring for my collection but they could only be found at the cashier.  So I decided to get a simple headband to add to my kikay.  You simply can’t go wrong with classic pearls!


Then I got basic sleeveless tank tops at Php 166.50 each


Since they’re cheap and of good quality, I decided to stock up and got one in Orchid, Jade, and White. 🙂


The next item I found was a sleeveless knit top in black.

I have been looking for one in months.

It was such a steal, I got this one for only Php 259.

Here’s a closer look at the detail… this is actually the back.


I picked up two more items while I was waiting for my turn at the cashier line.

One was a knit top sleeveless cardigan in Teal and Heather stripes at Php 259,

but I didn’t get to take a photo as I gave it to my mom when I got home.


The last item I bought wasn’t really something I wanted to get.  But it was in my size so the lady at the cashier said that I should just take it as well since it was only Php 259.  I eventually bought it, with the thought of maybe giving it to someone else.

But when I got home, I tried the top on and thought that it was quite flattering.  I’m not really a fan of lace, but the V-neck on this Cream with black lace top did help give mine some boost. 🙂


It was tiring but super duper fun… We said if we didn’t make it through tonight, never again would we go for any mall sale.  But it looks like we might just try out a few more.  What do you think Vanessa, Jona, and Cheskers?  Shall we battle it out again? 🙂

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  1. October 16, 2010 10:21 pm

    we deserve an F21 store like the one in SG with 4-5 floors! shettt.

  2. October 18, 2010 2:16 am


    Lol I don’t think I can handle shopping like that haha! Even now I don’t like shopping, only when I do shop, I shop for what I need XD

    Sounds like fun Honey 😀 What time ba did you go home if you left for the mall at 7?? If it was busy I’m guessing it must have been pretty late!

    I was looking at how much you said the shirts and stuff were, lol my eyes bulged out of my head and then I thought “oh wait, its in Pesos” hahaha XD

  3. November 10, 2010 12:47 am

    ako??? AYAAAAWWWWW na… hahahaha
    i’m ok na with my super cute socks!

    ukay nlang tayo! wala pang hirap hahaha

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