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Customer “Care”

January 10, 2011

Over the holidays I bought a Php 300 Globe prepaid call card as back up just in case I ran out of credits.  I kept this card in my wallet until I finally found the need to use it this week.  I followed the reloading instructions on the back of the call card and I was surprised when the operator said: “I’m sorry but you are not allowed to recharge. Good bye.”

I tried reloading again thinking that I might have pressed the numbers incorrectly, but after my third try I got blocked from reloading.  This happened last Wednesday.

The following day I tried again and I still got the same response from the operator.  So I waited another day, since my office mate mentioned that there was something wrong with the Globe network.

Come Friday, I still couldn’t reload.  So I got the number to Globe’s toll-free hotline and connected to their Customer Service.  In fairness to Globe, I got connected to an agent really fast.

My first agent was a female. She asked for my number and found that my account was working. She checked their reloading system and it was also working.  She checked my prepaid card and confirmed that the amount hadn’t been used.  At first she told me to simply try again, but when I told her that I had be trying for 3 days and got blocked by trying a lot of times, she said she’ll file the report.  She told me to switch off my phone for 15 minutes and to try reloading after 3-5 hours.  She gave me my Report ID Number and told me to call again if this didn’t work. I didn’t feel bad at all because she had that concern in her tone and she was very apologetic until the end.

So I did what she said, and after a few hours still no progress.  I decided to call back.  This time, a male agent answered. I told him the problem with my line and gave him my Report ID Number so he can check for updates.  He told me that a report had been filed and that it would take 3-5 working days before I receive feedback regarding the status of my line.  My heart sank, it was a Friday and I had to wait for 3-5 WORKING DAYS! 😦  I asked if there was any other way (like simply entering the amount into their system and sending it to my line) and told me to avail of credits via autoload.  I found it really weird that I couldn’t reload on my own but could receive credits via autoload.  So now I had to purchase more credits, and if I wanted the same amount as the card I bought then I’d have to shell out another Php 300.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I can’t afford to, I simply find it unfair.  Think about the people on a tight budget, they’d buy the card to avail of the extra perks (like the free texts).  So I asked what would happen if I chose not to make another purchase.  He said, “Edi hindi niyo po magagamit yung phone niyo (in English: Then you won’t be able to use your phone).

I flipped.

I asked if they had any “paconsuelo” for the inconvenience they caused me and he said straight out, “Ay Ma’am wala po kaming ganun (in English: Ay Ma’am, we don’t have that [pertaining to consolation]).”

My blood boiled.  Here I was talking to this Customer Service agent.  Frankly I would have preferred a “Ma’am I’ll see what I can do” answer instead of a straight “NO”.  His tone sounded like he wanted to get the call over an done with maybe because I was making his Handling Time (a metric call centers use for evaluation) longer than usual.  He knew I was pissed but he kept repeating that I had to wait because there was nothing he could do about it.  Before the call ended, he even had the nerve to ask me if I still needed anything. Duh!!! Isn’t it obvious? I so badly wanted to feel that they were doing something about it but this agent simply made my miserable disposition even worse.

Just because these call centers are handling local accounts doesn’t give them the right to slack off.  I’ve talked to other agents, most if not all, carried that call center accent and dealt with me professionally.

It doesn’t take a genius to exercise courtesy towards another person especially a customer.  I was just one nameless person but imagine if this agent had to deal with a customer who was big time? Would he have changed the way he responded?

Just a shout out to the Management of Globe, with the money that you’re making, I hope you invest in training your agents properly so that trainers in other respectable call centers won’t use your agents as an example of poor performance and call quality.

Plus, I don’t think it would cost Globe too much to ensure that they provide an excellent level of reliable customer care to accompany their great offers.

*NOTE: I’m not doing this to get back at anyone.  I’m merely expressing how I feel.

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  1. January 10, 2011 12:50 am

    hay naku, if you’re in twitter dami daming reklamo about Globe dun. 😦 i stopped being a plan subscriber because their service sucks. i’m still with globe though, i don’t have that much of a choice since most of my loved ones are with Globe too.

  2. January 10, 2011 1:56 am


    You should have asked for his name so you can complain to someone about him! What a jerk! I would go nuts if someone spoke to me like that!

    I hope you tried calling again and see if you can speak to someone ‘higher up’. They might be able to handle it more than the people you are calling.

    Naks! Nakakainis!

  3. Jayson G. permalink
    January 10, 2011 10:07 pm

    Never experienced that from Globe though. I always find them polite baka badtrip lang din yung nakausap mo at hindi rin gumagana ang load nya.:)

    Minsan initindi ko na lang kasi minsan wala din naman silang magagawa sa end nila, saka ang hirap din naman na buong araw ang naririnig mo ay reklamo. Sa kaso mo, kinulang talagang ng respect yung agent. But try living here in the place where I am, you’ll appreciate the service that we get in the Philippines.

    Kaya mo yan! Balitaan mo kami kung nakaload ka na 🙂

  4. January 11, 2011 5:28 pm

    that sucks!

    Sometimes the Customer Service Representatives are very insensitive.

  5. Siggy permalink
    January 24, 2011 6:05 pm

    Honeeeey 🙂 Yeah I couldn’t send messages for a week and when I called, they told me the same thing! I was on unlimited pa naman, sayang kaya yung 1 week! 🙂

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