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An afternoon of lace and stories

March 11, 2011

After weeks of not posting anything on my blog, I will now start a series of “backtracking posts”.

School so far has been exciting, it’s actually been about 7 weeks and I was suppose to upload a post on our Midterms when I remembered I still had a few photos stored away.  It would be a shame not to show you these beautiful and creative people at school. 🙂

Here’s Val with a school mate twin


Asia in her girly lace outfit for the day with a school mate in a beautiful boho outfit

(She got the amazing dress from Ukay!)


Fashion blogger/Co-CADster in lace. I loved the print on her skirt! 🙂


And Fashion Blogger Kryz Uy


It was Fashion Thursday, hence all the lace outfits.   But here are some of my non-lace items for the day.

Here’s my classmate Guia with her Alice in Wonderland bag. Superduper love! 🙂


And Trisha with her vintage bag and the chubby mink bag accessory. 🙂


After class that day, Kryz had to wait for around 4 hours before her driver could pick her up so she wanted to look for a place with wifi.  We looked around for a resto with unlimited wifi access and finally settled for Starbucks.  Kryz was one of our famous CADs jazzer back in college, we never really got to talk much until today.  Thank you Kryz for sharing all your stories.  I had fun spending the afternoon watching you work and exchanging stories.  I look forward to another cup of coffee… maybe this time with the rest of the SoFA CADs.. 🙂

P.S. Most of the people I featured in this post are bloggers. Just click on their images to visit their blogs. 🙂

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  1. March 12, 2011 1:23 am

    Cool! I like the Alice in Wonderland bag! 😀

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