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MARSO: A series of amazing events

April 10, 2011

Hello loves! I know I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. Been busy busy busy with my last few days at work, school, and traveling with my family.  Plus right after, I was struck by a severe case of laziness.  But not to worry, I’ve finally found the antidote for my procrastination.:)  As part of my efforts to take blogging seriously, I’ve started making my blog look more “spilled like milk”. Hopefully I can keep on improving this blog, so watch out for the changes, ayt? 🙂

So now back to my real topic.  Here’s a summary of things that went on last March:

1) My first Fashion Marketing Midterms

Ms. Nela challenged us to do a viral video for a fictitious fashion brand.  We had to come up with the concept, book at least one male & female model, shoot and edit the video, then finally upload it onto FB. Got the chance to work with the amazing duo of Everywhere We Shoot (Photo of Ryan + Garovs from Stache Magazine Online). It was a dream come tru, I’ll have to tell you all about it in a separate entry. Click on the LSS logo to vote for our video on Facebook! 🙂

2) My first resignation: Goodbye HIP

It was time.  After 2 and a half years at my first job, it was time to go.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my job (though at times it does drive me crazy!).  I’m simply preparing myself for a new chapter, an adventure which I will share with you really soon. I will really miss my HIP-pies and all the crazy stuff we do at work. =,)

3)  Celebrations: HIS birthday & HER engagement

After 10 years, my cousins came back to the Philippines.  They only had 2 weeks, but it was the “craziest” and fun 2 weeks I’ve ever had with them.  For starters, we had a surprise party to celebrate Kevin’s 22nd birthday and Jenny’s engagement to Scott.  Then one weekend we traveled to Tagaytay to have breakfast at Bag of Beans, went straight to Canyon Cove, and the following day had lunch at Sonya’s Garden.  To end, we partied at the Summer Bash of the Republiq and had their last dinner at the Sea Side Market (Macapagal).  Kevin, if ever you get to read this, for someone who doesn’t celebrate his birthday, I hope this is one you’ll never forget. 🙂

4) SoFA Capsules

Got a chance to attend a seminar entitled Developing a Fashion Brand by Mr. Ronald Pineda (President of Folded and Hung) and a workshop on Creative Ideas Conceptualization by Mr. Robby Carmona (director -extraordinaire).  Super inspiring and super fun! Try taking classes at SoFA this summer, trust me, it’s worth it! For the Summer schedule click here.

5) My parent’s 24th Anniversary

I can’t remember the last time I woke up at 5:30 am to bake, but last March 31, I was determined to do.  I baked an Apple Titan (recipe from Barefoot Contessa) and Mini-bread cups (recipe from Sara Moulton) before heading to class.  Then dinner at CPK before heading off to Makati for our Ilocos trip call time.

6) I ♥ Ilocos

To end the month, Nic and I went on a weekend trip to Ilocos.  It was our first time to go on a trip together, and we chose Ilocos because I wanted a place where Nic could practice taking great photos, we weren’t disappointed.  The windmills were breathtaking! 🙂 Thanks to Discover Asia International Travel & Tours for making it happen. 🙂

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