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Star-struck at The Collective

April 10, 2011

As I mentioned in my previous post, our midterms project for my Fashion Marketing at SoFA definitely deserved its own blog entry.  It’s been around 7 weeks now and the school work becomes more and more challenging! (In a good way though. 🙂 )  If you guys remember, I did a post on our first ever group project for school (Read here).

And after two and a half years out of college I come across the MIDTERMS again.  Ok, so what kind of midterms do you do in a fashion school?  Well for Fashion Marketing we were tasked to do a 1-minute viral ad promoting a fictitious fashion brand.

These were the instructions (NOTE: This is how most of us take notes in class — snapshots):

The team decided to do street wear… We thought of doing jeans first but it was kinda difficult to d.i.y. so we went for statement tees — with lyrics. I made this logo for our brand. 🙂

Since the project was low-budget, we couldn’t get ourselves to book models.  We asked around and got friends… (damn! why is it so difficult to get a male model! =s) or friends of friends.  We decided to shoot at The Collective in Makati because they said it had lots of artsy stuff.  It was my first time there and I really liked it… They said it looked pretty amazing at night when all the shops are open.  The stores sell lots of cool items… if you have time check out Yadu, they sell bags that are all made in the Philippines. 🙂

As for the videographers… getting “LUCKY” is simply an understatement.  You can say that we were pretty… ok hold your breath… BLESSED!!!  Trisha, my groupmate , happened to be somewhat related to Ms. Garovs Garovillo.  Half of the creative-to-the-max duo of Everywhere We Shoot.

They taught us to shoot using only a Lumix gf 1. Just one camera that was similar to my Canon G10, but with the focus adjustment thingy on the lens.  We could focus and go out of focus by simply twisting a part on the lens.  I don’t know if I’m being shallow here, but to Trisha and I who were newbies, it was really COOL!!! It almost made me wanna trade in my G10.  Kuya Ryan taught us how to take shots from different angles and told us not to pan… as this was common in most videos. Here are a few of the scenes.

We started at around 230 pm and ended shooting at around 630 (I think.).  Then we treated our very patient and cooperative models to chinese food at the Happy Palace.  Met up with Trisha, Kuya Ryan, and Ate Garovs at Rockwell after the shoot to transfer and sequence files.  Starbucks turned 40 so they upsized all the drinks for free.  It was my first time to get at Venti. Got home at 12 midnight.  I was dead tired, but I went to sleep happy and fulfilled.  As Trisha kept on texting… We just couldn’t get over the experience.  02.03.11 will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Some outtakes that day…

Thank you so much to the following peeps… we couldn’t have done it without you:

Mitch Gundran & Carlo Torres for being our stars! 🙂

Ms. Cheska Yupanco of The Collective and Ms. Carla Cabral of Yadu for lending us your venue

Mikkel Yap & Tam Angel for lending us your fictitious brand

Chesca Reyes & Vanessa Gatongay for you LSS lines and sharing your thoughts

Shout out to the following stores: Crazy Eddie’s Shirts, Slacks, and Wonder Emporium | Skitzo | Blue Tree | Yadu | Vice Ink | Vinyl on Vinyl | Hysteric Wacko

And lastly to Everywhere We Shoot (Ryan + Garovs) … for lending us your knowledge and talent.  You are both very inspiring not to mention CUTE as a pair. Catch them at their 1st solo exhibit. Click here. 🙂

Finally, here’s the output!  Enjoy the video and vote for us here. 🙂

P.S. If you’re wondering why I titled the post Star-struck, it’s because: 1) We got to learn from Everywhere We Shoot and 2) Brent Javier dropped by.  He knew the great duo. (We were just too shy to take his photo.) 🙂

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