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Where I’ve been lately

May 20, 2011

WARNING: This is kind of a long entry… 🙂

So what happened since my last post?

One word – TRAVEL.

First Stop – Bicol

It’s been tradition for my Mom to spend Holy Week in her hometown in Mercedes, Camarines Norte. She decided to go a week earlier, so I had to take a plane ride via Air Phil to Bicol with my Dad and my sis after SoFA finals. It’s been years since my last visit and decided to take this trip because I know it’ll take a few years before I return to the quiet town of Mercedes.  It was great to see my cousins, pig out, and enjoy the beach!

Next Stop – Party hard in Boracay!

We got home from Bicol the Tuesday after Holy Week and had one day to rest before we fly out to Boracay.  This trip was organized originally for us girls, but Mom overheard me talking to Nikki about it and decided that the whole family should go too since it would be our first time. 🙂  Took Cebu Pacific to Kalibo, a 1hr 45min shuttle ride, a 10-15 min boat ride, another 15min tricycle ride to *Dmall, and a 5 min walk to Tan’s Guest House at Station 2.  Ok, since the trip was originally designed for a group of friends on a tight budget, the accommodations was so-so. It wasn’t high end but it had AC, a decent bathroom and was super near the beach, eating places, and souvenir shops.  We’d walk to Station 1 in the morning to swim and sunbathe, have lunch, take a shower, sleep, have dinner, and then party after!  Repeat the same routine for 4 days. 🙂  I had such a blast… too bad the rest of the girls and the plus ones couldn’t make it.  It was one of the best vacays I’ve ever had.  Thanks Bes and Ali! ’til our next escapade. 🙂

Last on the List – Hong Kong

A few days after Bora, I welcome you to the land of dumplings, shopping, and towering buildings. It is a must that my family returns to HK at least every 2 years.  Since my lil bro just turned 11, he’ll be getting his first Hong Kong Permanent ID card this year – talk about timing. 🙂  As for me, this is where my vacation ends.  It’s been 10 great years in the Philippines, and I have to admit, I no longer regret moving there. (Trust me, I hated the idea when I was 12 yrs old) But the time has come for me to return to my land of birth and contribute to its society. I will surely miss a lot of people and things – CAJANTZ and the boyfs, my office friends, my old job, our dogs Poochie & Kenchie + Cleo (Yam’s new pup), my big purple room, and of course my one and only Nico. 😦  So yes, I have officially landed in Hong Kong and will be staying for a couple of years.

So stay tuned for my HK blog posts. 🙂

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