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First Order of Business =p

May 22, 2011

From my last post, I mentioned that the family was HK-bound for the summer.  However Yam-Yam, my younger sister, was only allowed a week.  She still had to finish her OJT before regular classes for DLSU officially begins.  Wanting to make the most of her 7 days, she made it a priority to shop… at H&M. 🙂

After going to mass and eating lunch with Tita Mindy, the family headed for the Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) branch at Canton Road.  The place was PACKED!!! And the lines to the fitting rooms were super long.  I didn’t even have time to take photos ’cause I was busy going through each section of the place.   There wasn’t an ongoing sale, but I figured that since it’s a Sunday, most people here spend the day shopping.  After an hour or so my brother was pestering my Dad to go have dinner, so the girls had to go line up at the cashier. 😦  Yam wasn’t satisfied with our first visit and 2 days after the girls took the MTR to another H&M branch at Queen’s Road, Central.  We actually preferred this branch since it had 4 floors and was just 2 stations away from our place.

I have to admit I haven’t gone shopping in a long time and again, the girls gave in and we shopped to our hearts delight. 🙂

It’s almost summer here, so I decided to get a few flowy and light pieces that I felt comfortable in.  Plus, I picked up a pair of pilot sunnies (great dupe for Ray-Ban Aviators), hair bands (not shown below) and a few eye shadow duos and lip glosses for my girls back home. 🙂  I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the stuff I bought but I still wanted to show you my haul so I decided to borrow images from H&M’s website. You can click on the images to know more about the items.

I just had to put this image of my sister… H&M = Happiness. ♥

We also bought a few pieces from Cotton On.  It’s an Australian brand that sells casual clothes similar to H&M.  Unfortunately, images of their items weren’t available online.  But I did buy 2 pairs of sandals, a brown cotton jacket, and a tank top — I’ll try to show you these items in my future photos. 🙂

So far, that’s it for my first week of shopping.  For my next post, I’m thinking of doing a food entry… 🙂

’til my next post! 🙂

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