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August 5, 2012

Yes I have to admit, I am guilty as charged.  Sadly, I have stayed away from blogging for months.  It felt bad… real bad, but somehow I got lost in all the uncertainty. Don’t get me wrong, my current state isn’t bad at all, in fact it might just be a treasure trove of various thrills and adventures. At first it wasn’t enough to get my fingers typing or even fill my now tattered notebook with thoughts. But somehow, I find myself gravitating towards this once abandoned page.  And in an attempt to revive my blog, I’d like to share what I’ve been up to… well at least from July to early August. 🙂

July was filled with lots of fun, food, music, & booze

(and yes, the guy with the cap is my dear dad. We love partying with him just because he’s cool like that! 🙂 )

We also watched him and other bands perform at the HKMU’s Rockin’ for Change event.

Then, there were the art adventures.

Here’s my sister at K-11 with one artwork made completely with pieces of toast.

If you guys happen to be in HK you gotta go check out this mall.

Then there’s shopping/gift hunting for beshie’s birthday!

Bes, if you’re reading this now, you’ll be getting this soon. 🙂

Now more art!

This one’s an AMAZING exhibit at Times Square by Mike Stilkey.

It’s a different way of bringing books to life.

Check out his works here.

Of course, let’s not forget having some fun-time with workmates:

Team activity/Reunion/Green’s birthday celebration/Pigging out at Gyu Kaku.

P.S. The Wagyu beef at Gyu Kaku is a winner! 🙂

And to cap off, more music appreciation pinoy-style!

Food trip Fridays Kuya Pogi’s…

 and karaoke ’til the break of dawn with Yam’s workmates & their families. 🙂

That’s it for now.  ’til my next post! 🙂

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